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Welcome to Science Minded



I'm a mother, a Scientist and an advocate for parents and families. I help Science Minded parents, like you, become more informed, giving you the confidence to make choices that feel right for you and your family.


I hold a PhD in Child Developmental Psychology and have spent over 15 years  working closely with infants and families to understand all I can about children's social and cognitive development.


After having a child of my own and engaging with mother's groups and online forums I noticed there was a lack of evidence-based information readily available for the Science Minded parent.

I started Science Minded to bridge this gap and connect parents who are open to learning about their child and themselves. Knowledge is power, and being informed allows us to be confident in our decisions, parent without reservation and

better connect with our families.


Here at Science Minded, what operate with a few basic principles in mind.These values are at the core of who we are and what we do.



We acknowledge that YOU are the expert in your child. We know that you understand things about your child on an instinctive level - even in ways you might not be able to explain.
We believe your EXPERTISE is to be respected and celebrated. 

We believe in approaching life (& parenting) with OPENNESS. By making sure we're open to new ideas and different perspectives, we allow ourselves to continually learn, change and grow. 

One Size


We recognise that when it comes to children (and everything in life!) - ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. What works for one child might not work for another & what works one week, might not work next week!
When it comes to development, the only constant is change. 

We fully embrace a ZERO JUDGEMENT attitude. Parenthood is a tough gig! We all make choices, that might not be the fit right for others (because one size doesn't fit all!) and that's okay.
We support and embrace everyone's right to do what works for them and their family.

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