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Fact Packs: Release Date 18th May

FACT PACK RELEASE DATE = 18th MAY. Only 10 days left to pre-order & snag them for over 50% off!

For the last few months I have been busy scouring scientific literature, evidence-based reports and peer reviewed papers reading everything I can find on: breastfeeding, starting solids and the science of play.

I have used this as the basis to write three Science Minded Fact Packs. These are a labour of love and some of the most exciting and rewarding work I've ever done.

As a researcher this is what I do. I read extensively, collate, synthesise and analyse my findings. Then, I write what I found in a concise and engaging way that will connect with and make sense to my audience - you.

I've written these Fact Packs for Science Minded parents. People like you who have an appreciation for and understanding of science but maybe don't have the time or access to do the research for yourself.

Are you pregnant and wanting to learn more about breastfeeding? Is your baby a few months old and you're thinking forward about what starting solids looks like? Need ideas and information about toys, play and imagination? Have an upcoming baby shower or looking for a gift to celebrate a new baby's arrival? These would make a perfect gift 🎁

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