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"Play is the work of the child"

"Play is the work of the child". Play is how children process things. It’s how they figure out the world, discover new ideas, use their imagination, solve problems, learn to work with others and so much more. Reviews of play-based research have established that play is significantly related to creative problem solving, co-operative behaviour, logical thinking, IQ scores, and social success.

I talk about this and so much more in my (soon to be released) Fact Pack “Child’s Play”. In it, I discuss how play contributes to children’s physical, mental, emotional and social development. Want to learn ways to promote independent play? Want to know how to help your child play better with others? “Child’s Play” is a guide for parents and educators who recognise and want to learn more about the power of play.

Click the link in my bio to pre-order “Child’s Play” now. Orders placed before 18th May receive a 50% discount.

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