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Let them play

Guest post by @inspire.learn.teach:

When children write the script for their own play, they choose the characters, the setting and the narrative. They are in the drivers seat making choices, solving problems and creating their own world.

As the director, children persist in an unpressured setting to create what they see in their imagination. A love of learning can develop along with a self-trust and sense of independence.

Children as the actors in their own learning don't become Brad Pitt and just smile at the camera, instead they learn to adapt to an ever changing enivornment. They respond and adjust things when presented with new information or challenges.

This is more than a pretty quote. While child-led play may look messy, undirected and disorder there is so much more bubbling under the surface.

Through child led play children are building:

- self-confidence

- independence

- a love of learning in an unpressured setting

- problem-solving skills

- language skills

- social skills

- developing persistence

With all that in mind, if you had to give a title to your child's play what would it be and who is the actor?

I'll go first: "Mary Popppins: has a baby" staring Dinosaur Train's Mrs Pteranodon

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