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My Best Parenting Hack

At any time it's all too easy to feel like you're not a good enough parent. We scroll through our phones looking for advice, tips or tricks to make this thing ANY easier because it all feels too much. But there's a reason parenting feels bloody hard. That’s because it is.

The “stepford wife” version of parenting does us no favours. We lie and pretend we have perfect children, a perfect house, a perfect partner - everything is magical & beautiful and we’re #blessed.

Sure, we are blessed. We’re beyond grateful for the chaos monkeys that are our children, but my goodness it’s hard. Parenthood is a tough gig! We’re all making choices that are the best we can make in the moment.

When the kids are fighting, throwing things or losing it – we feel rubbish. When they’re being delightful and playing quietly by themselves and instead of engaging with them we’re scrolling on our phones – we feel rubbish. We hold our parenting to an impossible standard and are surprised and angry with ourselves when we fail to meet it.

These feelings have all been exacerbated during the pandemic. Whether it was the strain of home schooling, entertaining toddlers during a lockdown, trying to figure out how to look after kids AND work at the same time – we’ve been doing it tough.

Please know - it's OK to be an OK parent right now. We're all just doing our best. Don't be fooled by the perfect photos on social media and start comparing yourself to others. They're the highlights, the best bits. Who wants to post their toddler’s meltdown, dinner thrown on the floor, or giant pile of unfolded laundry?

Let’s be okay with being ‘good enough’. You've got this. You're doing your best. We all are, especially in these 'unprecedented times'

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