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Science Minded Parents

Is this how you do things? Congratulations! You're a Science Minded parent.

This is the Scientific Method. Observe - theorise - experiment - analyse - conclude. We do this every day without even thinking about it. Sometimes we might even skip steps and reach conclusions very quickly, because that's what humans do best. We notice patterns and we derive conclusions. It's one of our super powers.

When it comes to parenting, we're often sleep deprived, touched-out, emotionally, mentally and physically drained. We make irrational decisions, based on flawed observations and regularly engage in magical thinking. And that's ok. The day to day of raising children is FULL of irrational and illogical moments.

Sometimes, stopping to think and process how or why our child is doing something can be helpful. Going through each of the steps and thinking about the questions posed and answers can help us in our decision making.

There is no manual, baby’s don’t respond the way the books say they will and you feel out of your depth because each child and each situation you face together is different. Parenting works via a process of constant experimentation. What worked for you last week might not work this week! No one parenting hack or way of doing things truly stands above all others if it’s not right for you. The only constant is change.

YOU are the expert in your child. You understand things about your child on an instinctive level - even in ways you might not be able to explain. You're likely engaging in this scientific method with your parenting without even realising it!

Science Minded is all about connecting with parents who are open to learning about their child and themselves. Knowledge is power, and being informed allows us to be confident in our decisions, parent without reservation and better connect with our families.

Are you a Science Minded parent? What's your current working theory? (Mine's teething... it's kinda always teething 🙈). Let us know in the comments.

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