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Science Minded Values: Openness

Science Minded operates with a few basic principles in mind. These values are at the core of who we are and what we do. Today I’m highlighting our value “OPENNESS”.

Research shows that parents with a high level of openness are more likely to foster creative environments for their children to learn, grow & play.

They encourage their children to try new and different things, help them persevere and give them to freedom to explore and act out their imagination.

When children interact with open-minded, empathic adults it enhance their own


When we are closed-off we fall into some easily avoided traps. We stop listening and so our kids stop talking. We demand that our children think the same way that we do, and we judge them harshly when they don’t agree with us.

This is dangerous because when kids don’t feel heard or feel judged they can feel resentment toward parents, switch off & keep their real thoughts to themselves.

On the other hand, when we remain open-minded, we listen attentively, giving our children the attention, respect and connecting they’re seeking. As a result our children are more likely to respect us and listen to what we have to say.

When we know what our kids are really thinking, we have a better understanding of who they are and so can better help and guide them.

The advantages of parenting with openness are mutual listening, great discussions and acceptable solutions. Helping your kids see more than their point of view teaches them to become problem solvers and wise compromisers who think outside the box. It’s easier to unlock kid’s brains when parents are open to new ideas.

We believe in approaching parenting (& life) with OPENNESS. By making

sure we're open to new ideas and different perspectives, we allow ourselves to continually learn, change and grow.

References: Prinzie et al., 2009; Kwasniewska et al 2018

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